About The Social Chain AG

We are a brand and product company of the next generation. Social Chain AG uses the insights and opportunities of social media in product development, brand building and sales. Behind this is the integrated expertise of product and brand development, social media publishing and social media marketing combined with an omnichannel sales structure.

As a house of entrepreneurs, we are reshaping the world of brands and retail, turning wishes and ideas into products with our concentrated sales power. We understand how to develop our own brands and products into direct-to-consumer brands with the power of social media and market them to specific target groups. We offer our entrepreneurs and retail partners an all-round, carefree package in-house: from our own product development, legal review, production, quality assurance, marketing and communication to logistics and everything else that brands and products need to become big and successful.

Social Chain AG currently has around 10,000 products in the segments Core Brands, Brand Chain and MAXX Group. In this way, we bring the products "Digital first - direct to Customer" directly to customers' homes. Plus: thanks to the excellent retail network of the retail experts, the products are placed in more than 40,000 retail outlets - available to touch and take away.

The best-known faces of The Social Chain AG are Ralf Dümmel and Dr. Georg Kofler, both investors in the VOX start-up show "Die Höhle der Löwen" (the German equivalent of the UK's "Dragons' Den" and "Shark Tank" in the US). In addition to Ralf Dümmel as Chief Product Officer, Wanja S. Oberhof as Chief Executive Officer and Andreas Schneider as Chief Financial Officer manage the company's business.

The company's headquarters are in Berlin, with other locations in New York, Manchester, Stapelfeld near Hamburg, London, Gallin and Los Angeles. The shares of Social Chain AG (WKN: A1YC99) are listed in the Prime Standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

Our Journey

Our business has been growing organically and through strategic acquisitions over the past few years, all the while focussing on the unique combination of social media and social commerce.
In October 2019, The Social Chain Group AG merged with Lumaland AG
to form The Social Chain AG.
In October 2021, we acquired 100 percent of DS Group. Since 12 November 2021, the shares of Social Chain AG have been listed in the Prime Standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.


Europe's leading social media publishers combine to form a social publishing house called Social Chain. In the same year its first direct-to-consumer product becomes a bestseller through social only, laying the foundation for today's chain.


Social Chain becomes Europe’s most engaged social publisher and launches its social marketing division, Social Chain Agency. In Germany it quickly becomes a leading influencer network by taking strongly growing talent under contract.


Social Chain launches GLOW - The Beauty Convention which quickly becomes Europes largest Beauty Convention, driven by social media. Social Chain Agency opens another European headquarter in Germany and a US headquarter in New York, launching its first-party data and insights studio later that year.


Social Chain is meticulously focussed on leveraging its own media, unique products, disruptive marketing services, proprietary technology and first-party data capabilities to build and scale social media brands.


Social Chain continues to win renowned awards in the digital marketing space, expands its product range and for the first time employs over 300 people in Germany, the UK and the US.


Social Chain becomes a public listed company on the Düsseldorf stock exchange through the merger of The Social Chain Group AG and Lumaland AG.


Social Chain continues to grow internationally, announcing further acquisitions and consolidation of companies.


In October 2021, we acquired 100 percent of DS Group. Since 12 November 2021, the shares of Social Chain AG have been listed in the Prime Standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

Our Faces

We are an international mix of creative, professional people. Our experience ranges from product buying, social media and influencer marketing, motion and graphic design to finance, logistics, IT and checkout assistants in our stores.

“The tasks are enormously varied and exciting.”

Sophia Bäumel
Social Chain Legal

“My mission is the success of all our brands.”

Dr. Robert Wagner
Social Chain, Core Brands

“Communication and brand awareness initiatives for our brands are filling my daily work life.”

Yvonne Jones
Brand and Communications

Our Management Board

Wanja S. Oberhof


Wanja S. Oberhof has been an entrepreneur and investor for over 15 years. With WAOW Group, Oberhof has been concentrating on working with talented founders and investors to transform innovative ideas into future-oriented business models worldwide since 2011. This includes Uptech AG, which focuses on blockchain technologies and the company builder BridgeMaker GmbH. As CEO of Lumaland AG – a role he assumed in spring 2018 – Oberhof used his entrepreneurial skills and managed to write a rapidly growing buy-build success story. The focus was on strong own brands and profitability in the e-commerce sector. After the merger of the Social Chain Group AG with Lumaland AG, Oberhof became CEO of the newly formed The Social Chain AG in October 2019.

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Andreas Schneider


Growing up in Hamburg and on the East Coast of the USA, Andreas Schneider started his business career at Otto Group with stops in Hamburg, Milan / Biella and Munich.

Dieter Schwarz, founder of DS Produkte, brought Andreas Schnei- der back to Hamburg at the end of 1999. Here, Andreas Schneider has been Managing Director of DS Group for over 20 years and has since been responsible for the areas of finance, controlling, logis- tics and IT. During this time, DS Group has increased its turnover tenfold. In this dynamic environment, Andreas Schneider built his areas of responsibility into important pillars of the company‘s so- lid growth. Andreas Schneider has been Social Chain AG’s Chief Financial Officer since spring 2022. Andreas Schneider is married and has two grown-up sons.

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