3Bears "Wild Bowls" & "Wild Kids": 100 % nature in new organic porridge


New year, new porridge varieties: 3Bears launches its first pure organic porridge range: "Wild Bowls" stands for 100 % nature and healthy, natural taste in three varieties. The premium porridge will be available exclusively in the 3Bears online shop from 1 February 2021, then also in grocery shops.

"Feine Beere", "Nussiger Kakao" and "Kerniges Bircher" are the three varieties of the first 100% organic porridge mixes from 3Bears - with this, the brand is expanding its organic range, which was launched in October 2020 with the oat drink made from only four natural ingredients (oats, water, sunflower oil, salt).

"We have named our premium organic porridges 'Wild Bowls' as we deliberately want to express the power of nature that goes into these blends. Not only are they natural, the organic oatmeal with its crunchy bite is also packed with nutrients, as are the whole dried fruits in the mixes, the nuts, flaxseeds, psyllium... we have combined the true powerhouses of nature for these mixes, the quality of which cannot be matched. A new chapter for 3Bears that we are very excited about", says Caroline Nichols, Co-Founder and CEO of 3Bears GmbH and responsible for recipe development.

3Bears "Wild Bowls" Porridge provides plenty of energy and fibre for the whole day and is full of protein. They are high in fibre and are strong sources of magnesium, zinc and iron for a day full of energy - at less than 200 kcal per serving. Like all 3Bears Porridge varieties, there are of course no added flavours, preservatives or sugar, the sweetening comes solely from natural fructose. The organic wholemeal oat flakes with the unmistakable 3Bears kernel blend are supplied by the mill Rubin-Mühle (Lahr, Black Forest), the cereals as well as all dried fruits come from controlled organic farming.

From the end of February, "Wild Kids" will be added to the product range, two mixes especially for children to give them a healthy start to the day.

With the new varieties, 3Bears is also celebrating its birthday: on 23 February, the start-up of the German-British founding couple Caroline & Tim Nichols will be five years "old".