drtv.agency advises Podimo on media strategy for German TV campaign


  • drtv.agency strategically advises on first TV campaign for podcast app Podimo*** Placement of 6,000 spots in four weeks for several TV stations
  • Data-driven approach and proprietary tracking technology attributy™ integrated for reach optimisation

Berlin, 1 July 2020.** The full-service media agency drtv.agency, founded in 2016 and integrated into the Social Chain AG at the beginning of 2020, supports the podcast app Podimo (www.podimo.de) in its first TV campaign in Germany. The TV campaign will launch on 1 July 2020 on VOX, RTL2, SIXX, Sat 1. Gold, SKY Channels, Servus TV, MTV, Disney Channel, Welt der Wunder and many more. To position the campaign precisely for the target group, a total of around 6,000 spots will be placed on various TV channels for a seven-figure gross budget.

Working with digital brands and e-commerce companies is in drtv.agency's DNA. Specialising in data-driven offline campaigns such as TV, print, radio and out-of-home, the company can additionally analyse and continuously optimise the performance of media campaigns with its proprietary attributy™ tracking technology. This enables drtv.agency to reach the right target group at all times and make optimal use of the client's marketing budget.

Collaboration with podcast app Podimo
Podimo is a podcast app that aims to make it easier for users to discover exciting content and to help podcasters and publishers monetize their high-quality content. Podimo offers podcasts from the fields of true crime, entertainment or personal-growth, among others. More than 50 exclusive formats are also available for premium members.
We are very pleased to have been chosen to collaborate and trusted. With our data-driven approach, we can effectively reach Podimo's target audience. Through our tracking technology attributy™ we know exactly how to analyze and optimise the campaign," said drtv.agency Chief Growth Officer Andreas Peltret.
"We are pleased to be able to work with an agency that has a broad network and many years of experience," says Dr. Nicolaus Berlin, Managing Director of Podimo in Germany.

About The Social Chain AG www.socialchain.com
The first integrated social media company The Social Chain AG combines social media and social commerce. Social Chain is a pioneer in the creation, development and scaling of social media brands. The company’s headquarters are in Berlin with offices in Manchester, London, New York and Munich. The company has a total of around 500 employees. The Social Chain AG shares are
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About drtv.agency www.drtv.agency
Founded by Andreas Eisermann in 2016, drtv.agency is a data-driven full-service media agency for offline marketing specialising in e-commerce clients. In addition to a strong focus on TV, drtv.agency also manages out-of-home, radio and print campaigns.

About Podimo www.podimo.de
Podimo solves two current problems of the podcast market: On the user side, the biggest obstacle is finding relevant content in the multitude of offerings. Podimo curates content manually with an expert team of experienced editors, supported by an algorithm that recognises listeners' interests and suggests new, interesting content. On the creator side, Podimo helps podcasters monetise their own content and supports them in generating reach. Podimo currently has 40 employees, 10 of whom are based in Berlin alone. Podimo is available in two versions: a free version and a premium version (4.99 Euros per month). In the premium version, users get access to exclusive content. Podimo is available as an app (Play and App Store).

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