KoRo and REWE strengthen partnership


Berlin-based retailer KoRo announces an extended cooperation with Germany's second largest high street supermarket chain Rewe. Part of KoRo's range, around 340 products, has already been available in Rewe's online shop for some time. Now the company is getting a permanent listing in 1,000 shops across Germany. From mid-July, KoRo's "Geile Schnitte Schokolade" and "Vegan Protein Bar Brownie" will be on Rewe's shelves.

"For us, the step into high street retail with Rewe is very important, as we want to bring KoRo to more consumers offline," explains Florian Schwenkert, COO at KoRo. "With smaller packets and snacks in the shops, we want to give customers the opportunity to get to know our products and the KoRo concept."

KoRo's retail expansion continues to gain momentum with the listing at Rewe. By the middle of this year, the company can already look back on around 3,500 store listings with Germany's largest food retailers and chemists. For the second half of the year, the company is planning to cooperate with further retail and online partners. The company's vision is to become Europe's leading provider of food and goods and to bring producers and consumers closer together through short supply chains. The goal is to inform customers about the origin and ingredients of the products and to communicate a transparent pricing policy.


KoRo reinvents retail. By skipping trade stages, efficient process flows and bulk packaging in a sleek design, the brand makes high-quality food available to everyone at fair prices. The range includes a wide variety of long-life, natural and processed foods, as well as kitchen utensils, cooking accessories and hygiene products. In doing so, KoRo pursues its vision of becoming Europe's leading supplier of food and goods by consistently implementing its five basic principles: quality, short supply chains, bulk packaging, fair prices, and transparency.