Innovative startup VYTAL back in the VOX TV Show "Die Höhle der Löwen“


Six months after the start-up VYTAL's TV appearance on the VOX show "Die Höhle der Löwen" (equivalent to the UK’s “Dragons‘ Den“), investor Dr. Georg Kofler is paying a visit to VYTAL this evening, assessing the development of the digital and non-deposit multiple-use system.

After expanding its selection of reusable containers to include coffee cups, pizza boxes, a partitioned menu tray, and sushi containers, more than 1,000 restaurant and catering partners now offer the VYTAL multiple-use system to their customers. Surprisingly: Not only restaurants in the inner city locations of Berlin and Munich rely on VYTAL's multiple-use system, but more and more restaurants in rural areas are joining. Additionally, VYTAL is the partner for large caterers and canteens that appreciate the VYTAL’s deposit-free handling, the digital inventory management, the impact tracking, and the extensive network of drop-off and return points.

The Food Chain GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of Social Chain AG, increased its investment in VYTAL GmbH by 300,000 Euros only in February 2021. Last year, Social Chain AG had already invested 450,000 Euros in VYTAL.

Dr. Georg Kofler: "It is a real pleasure to be involved in VYTAL's growth and entrepreneurial development. VYTAL has managed to increase the sustainable impact of its business model tenfold in the last six months. Around 10,000 VYTAL containers are now filled and consumed per day. This saves 10,000 disposable containers per day that would otherwise have been packaging waste from takeaways and delivery meals."

New App Feature

To improve convenience for users and further simplify the handling of reusable bowls for restaurateurs, the start-up has added a feature to its app. Meals can now be ordered from nearby restaurants. "This way, we are supporting local restaurants that are relying on eat-out meals to survive during the Corona crisis," explains Sven Witthöft, co-founder of VYTAL. "Shortly before the ban on polystyrene packaging for food and beverages comes into force in July 2021, this is an offer that allows restaurateurs to respond directly to the new legal situation and the increased environmental awareness of their customers."

VYTAL stands for sustainability and has been offering Germany's largest digital and non-deposit multiple-use system with high-quality, leak-proof food packaging for takeaway and delivery meals since 2019. With incentives instead of refundable deposits, the VYTAL system achieves a 99 percent return rate and an average return time of less than three days. This makes VYTAL more efficient than the German bottle deposit system and significantly more environmentally friendly than other solutions. Customers register once in the VYTAL app or buy a VYTAL membership card, as with other sharing services. They can then use it to borrow reusable containers from any partner free of charge and return them after use within 14 days before any costs are due. Restaurateurs benefit from working with VYTAL by saving on packaging costs and waste, gaining new customers, and increasing sales.


When the founders of VYTAL ventured into Die Höhle der Löwen in its 8th season, Georg Kofler was immediately impressed by their business idea and invested 450,000 Euros with the Food Chain GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of Social Chain AG. In a very short time, the start-up established itself as the market leader for sustainable food packaging with its app-based multiple-use system. In February 2021, Social Chain AG increased its investment in VYTAL GmbH by a further 300,000 Euros.