Online Supermarket Gorillas and VYTAL launch convenient pickup service for reusable packaging of delivery meals


The two fast-growing startups Gorillas and VYTAL are launching an official cooperation in Cologne today. From now on, users of the Gorillas app can indicate that they would like to return used reusable containers from VYTAL as part of their grocery order. With this cooperation, the two companies are realising the goal that sustainability and convenience can go hand in hand. Within ten minutes, fresh food is delivered and used VYTAL containers are handed back to the Gorillas delivery cyclist.

"This cooperation enables our customers to return VYTAL reusable packaging quickly and conveniently. This makes it even easier to avoid waste," says a delighted Dr. Fabian Barthel, co-founder of VYTAL, and continues, "The cooperation is another building block in our efforts to offer the most convenient and efficient reusable system. Our reusable containers return to the recycling cycle faster thanks to Gorillas and can replace even more disposable packaging – thus also increasing our environmental impact."

Fabian Willkomm, Regional Manager NRW at Gorillas, adds: "Our focus is on exceptional customer experience. With this cooperation we support a sustainable packaging solution and at the same time increase the attractiveness of our service for our customers. A win-win-win situation."

And this is how the return of VYTAL reusable dishes works with Gorillas: Customers select the product "VYTAL return" in addition to the desired purchases when they place their grocery order in the Gorillas app. This lets the Gorillas cyclist know that he is not riding back to the warehouse empty, but with the customer's VYTAL containers. There, the reusable containers are placed in the VYTAL return box and booked out of the customer's account by scanning the QR code on the containers. The VYTAL team then redistributes them to the partner caterers to use.

The collection service for VYTAL reusable containers by the Gorillas Rider Crew will initially be offered exclusively in Cologne and will then, after successful implementation, be extended to all other cities.


When the founders of VYTAL ventured into Die Höhle der Löwen in its 8th season, Georg Kofler was immediately impressed by their business idea and invested 450,000 Euros with the Food Chain GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of Social Chain AG. In a very short time, the start-up established itself as the market leader for sustainable food packaging with its app-based multiple-use system. In February 2021, Social Chain AG increased its investment in VYTAL GmbH by a further 300,000 Euros.