PUFFIN BEAUTY launches two more hair care products


With the MICROFIBER HAIR TOWEL PUFFIN BEAUTY launches another product in its Hair Care Range. Already in April, the hair care line was expanded with the SHAMPOO MASSAGE BRUSH. Both products complement the hair care routine perfectly. A brief glance at the benefits:

The MICROFIBER HAIR TOWEL in a practical turban shape allows hair to be dried quickly and gently. The particularly soft and extremely absorbent material made of high-quality microfiber absorbs noticeably more moisture than conventional towels and thus saves time in the hair care routine. Due to the easy handling - completely without rubbing - hair breakage and frizz can be prevented. The bamboo charcoal fibers also aid moisture absorption, have an antibacterial effect and ensure the material's longevity.

The material benefits are unbeatable: Bamboo charcoal fibers are a sustainable trend from the fashion industry. It is a rapidly renewable raw material. The fibers are also antibacterial, anti-pilling and are also odor-neutralizing.

The SHAMPOO MASSAGE BRUSH supports hair care in a different way. The soft silicone brush serves to gently cleanse the scalp and at the same time has a soothing, massaging effect. Deposits from styling products can be optimally removed. The massage stimulates the scalp's blood circulation, which can promote hair growth. This is because the soft and flexible bristles stimulate the scalp.

PUFFIN BEAUTY's central commitment is the careful selection of all ingredients based on sustainable criteria and with the conscious decision to avoid solid and soluble microplastics, sulfates, silicones, parabens and mineral oils. With the range expansion, PUFFIN BEAUTY manages to further expand the brand with these aspects in mind. With a focus on long-lasting, sustainable materials as well as high-quality and clean active ingredients, such as vegan silk, hyaluronic acid, pea protein and mild sugar surfactants, used in powerful concentrations, naturally lead to the desired result. Clean Beauty is the magic formula.


The founder couple of PUFFIN BEAUTY, Elena and Julian Musiol, presented their first product, the pony puffin for voluminous ponytails, in the VOX TV show "Die Höhle der Löwen" (Germany's answer to the UK's "Dragons' Den) in 2017. Their search for a strategic partner was successful. Social Chain AG has held a stake in PUFFIN BEAUTY since July 2017. PUFFIN BEAUTY makes products for real women, calls for realistic Hair Goals and stands by the promises they make. The products work, contain only ingredients that are necessary and surprise with their creative, innovative and aesthetic character.