THE SOCIAL CHAIN AG goes Asia: Joint Venture for expansion in the most important global growth market


  • Access to network of 40,000 resellers on WeChat with social media reach of 200 million followers in Asia
  • Strategic partnership for development, marketing and distribution of high-quality beauty products in Asia, America and Europe
  • Strengthening social commerce expertise through innovative community sales channels

Berlin, 23 June 2020. THE SOCIAL CHAIN AG (WKN: A1YC99) is breaking new ground – in the development of new markets and innovative sales concepts via social media. A joint venture with Jassen GmbH gives the integrated social media company access to a network of over 200 million followers in Asia from a standing start. The planned joint venture, with 51 percent of the shares held by SOCIAL CHAIN AG, will develop and distribute high-quality beauty products "made in Germany" for Asian, American and European markets. At the heart of the cooperation is the innovative marketing of the products via social communities.

The partnership gives SOCIAL CHAIN AG access to the distribution network of OJESH, a high-end beauty brand of Jassen GmbH, which is distributed via Shenzhen Yasen Jinyuan Technology Co. OJESH offers a range of premium skin care products that have already found a strong fan base in Asia. So far, the sales strategy is unique: OJESH markets its products through the communication platform WeChat, a social reseller system. 40,000 network partners on WeChat with a social media reach via Sina Weibo of 200 million followers sell OJESH directly. WeChat is used as a platform for innovative digital sales mechanisms. The OJESH resellers reach their end customers via Sina Weibo, the leading microblogger platform in China with more than 500 million users (

Similar to SOCIAL CHAIN AG, OJESH also relies on the combination with offline events such as highquality beauty lounges and workshops, which generate enormous social media coverage. As part of the planned joint venture, OJESH will be able to offer its products to more than 80 million followers in Europe and the USA via SOCIAL CHAIN AG's social media channels. In addition, the joint company will develop additional products and social brands in the beauty segment, which will be marketed in Asia, Europe and America (primarily) via social media.

Wanja S. Oberhof, CEO of SOCIAL CHAIN AG: "The strategic partnership of SOCIAL CHAIN and the OJESH brand opens up a direct route to Asia, the most important global economic growth market. And we gain access to Sina Weibo, one of the most important social media platforms. The joint venture is also an innovation booster: Shenzhen Yasen Jinyuan Technology Co. is one of the most creative companies in the field of direct network sales, while SOCIAL CHAIN is the innovative pioneer for social media brands and the development of social media communities. Together we are breaking new ground in marketing products driven by social media. The beauty segment on which this partnership focuses is a particularly attractive product group for sales via social networks."