VYTAL – the convenient reusable system for take-away and delivery meals starts in Vienna with eleven partner restaurants


Bowl sharing instead of plastic waste. Ra'mien and many other restaurants in Vienna are now offering their guests the opportunity to take away food in free, leak-proof and deposit-free reusable bowls from VYTAL.

„VYTAL convinced me and my customers too. The system is easy to use, both for us restaurateurs and for our guests – for whom it is also completely free. I am pleased to be part of a sustainable movement. It has never been easier to save on disposable packaging waste and costs in the restaurant industry," says Tie Yang, owner of Ra'mien.

Felix Vornholt, City Manager of VYTAL in Vienna, adds: "The topic is highly relevant for restaurateurs, and not just since the ban on disposable Styrofoam food packaging was agreed at EU level. The Corona pandemic alone has increased plastic waste from takeaways and delivery meals by a further 10%. Consumers are increasingly looking for and expecting a convenient, more environmentally friendly alternative. With the VYTAL app, we are proving that sustainability and convenience are not incompatible."

This is how the reusable system without a refundable deposit works: As with other sharing services, customers register once in the VYTAL app or get a VYTAL membership card. They can then use it to borrow reusable containers from any partner restaurant free of charge and return them after use. They have 14 days to do so before a charge applies. In Germany and Austria, over 1,200 sustainable restaurants, canteens and supermarket partners are now part of the VYTAL reusable system. In particular, large caterers such as Dussmann, Compass and Aramark as well as the REWE Group are already relying on VYTAL when it comes to reusables. BILLA, for example, is planning to introduce VYTAL in its stores in July 2021, and VYTAL reusable bowls are already being used and returned in selected MPreis baguette stores.


When the founders of VYTAL ventured into Die Höhle der Löwen in its 8th season, Georg Kofler was immediately impressed by their business idea and invested 450,000 Euros with the Food Chain GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of Social Chain AG. In a very short time, the start-up established itself as the market leader for sustainable food packaging with its app-based multiple-use system. In February 2021, Social Chain AG increased its investment in VYTAL GmbH by a further 300,000 Euros.